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Return Policy

Please check the condition of the product before assembling to be sure. If there is a defect, abnormality or incorrect product according to your order. Please confirm within "7 days" after receiving the order. If it is more than 7 days since you received the product. We will not accept returns. (including defective products)

▲ It is recommended to record a video with your phone while opening the package. If the product's outer box has severe tears or dents Please contact us immediately and send us the video file. We will help you as soon as possible.

▲If you are unsure about anything Please do not assemble the product. and take a photo or video, then contact BIGNOSE Line Official, we will answer your question as soon as possible!

Situations where returns will not be accepted within a period of seven days

▲ The seven-day period is the review period. It's not a product trial period! The product must be complete. (including the main body and packaging) and has not been used to qualify for a return. If the returned product has traces of use Returns will not be accepted. 

▲ Products that have already been opened Or damaged from use, such as: dents, scratches, abrasions, stains, cannot be returned.

Natural features such as knots, knotholes, and fillers in wood panels. that does not affect the use of the product It will not be counted as damage.

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