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Our Story

Big Nose is like a nose that constantly seeks out new scents from every corner of the world. We look for equipment that is more than just outdoor gear or typical camping equipment. Every brand we select must be more than that. It must have outstanding functional qualities, be a work of art that everyone adores, and possess deep sentimental value, clearly reflecting the identity of its user as if they had crafted the item themselves. Most of the equipment we offer is crafted with a distinct aroma, inspiration, uniqueness, and identity. It may seem outdated but holds value, ordinary but indispensable. It enhances the aesthetics of life, making it more charming and captivating for both the owner and those they encounter on their journeys. Those who experience it for the first time become deeply enchanted by its charm.

Giving Back

Origin of the Brand

人八月 RBY WOOD Design

On his daughter's first birthday, Mr. RBY and his family received a tent as a birthday gift from friends. This gift marked the start of Mr. RBY's official journey into camping life, leading him to frequently engage in outdoor activities.

In August, RBY WOOD Design began adapting and creating camping equipment for personal use. This initiative stemmed from Mr. RBY's friends' desire for unique and distinctive camping gear. Consequently, Mr. RBY founded the brand “RBY WOOD DESIGN” in 2017.

RBY WOOD Design is committed to exquisite craftsmanship, so each product is handcrafted and intended to be functional not only for camping but also to add color and style to one's home. Emphasizing the spirit of artisanal skill, each piece goes through detailed processes of cutting, sanding, and finishing by hand. Every item is unique, simple, stylish, and conveys a sense of warmth. Mr. RBY continues to uphold this original vision to the present day.

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